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Squares and streets in the historic center:

Squares and streets in the historic center:

It is wonderful to wander through the streets of Malaga. But to show you the way, here are a number of streets and squares that are definitely worth a visit.

Calle Larios, the most visited elegant street with its imposing old houses and well-known chain stores and various businesses. In the summer with shade cloths and around Christmas with the famous Christmas lights.

Plaza de la Merced with its many cafes and terraces where you can enjoy a drink or snack in the sun. Picasso's birthplace is also located on the square and on one of the many benches you will find the bronze statue of Picasso, which is thought to be the most photographed statue in Málaga.

Calle Granada is the connecting street between Plaza Merced and Call Larios and therefore also Plaza de Marina and the port. If you follow this street you will pass many bars, original small shops, clubs, boutiques and souvenir shops.

Plaza de Constitucion is located in the historic heart of the city where important events have traditionally taken place. The main stand during the Semana Sante is here.

Semana Santa is a very impressive event in Malaga with many Easter processions from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, also called Holy Week, depicting the Passion of Jesus Christ.

The new year is heralded here by the Malaguenos by eating 12 grapes under the clock and it is an important square for the Feria del Dia in the summer.

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