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Museums in Malaga

Museums in Malaga

Malaga is the city with the most number of museums. So there is something for everyone. To start close to the apartment, opposite the Salamanca market hall, is the Jorge Rando Museum . An expressionist museum dedicated to the painter Jorge Rando, it collects his works and temporarily houses the work of national and international artists belonging to this movement. The artist sees his museum as the living room for art in Malaga. Entrance is free.

Opening hours Monday - Saturday from 10am - 8pm Closed on Sunday.

Malaga is the city where Pablo Picasso was born. You can visit Picasso's birthplace , where there is a small collection of his early works. More important works by him can be found in the Picasso museum , where there are also always changing exhibitions of other often Cubist artists.

Carmen Thyssen, a great art collector, also has a museum with his name in Malaga
Museum Carmen Thyssen .

The famous museum in Paris Center Pompidou also has a branch in Malaga. The colorful building is unmissable when you are at the harbour.

If you like Flamenco, then a visit to the Flamenco Museum is of course worthwhile.

Another pearl among the museums is the so-called CAC (center for contemporary art). Free entrance and a small permanent collection, but every month a changing exhibition by a renowned artist.

Municipal Museum, Museo del Patrimonio Municipal de Malaga. the city's cultural heritage can be found.

If you are a fan of cars, especially old classics, then go to the car museum . A permanent collection of 90 cars is on display for you.

The Russian State Museum is also definitely worth a visit, the old tobacco factory just outside the center of Malaga has been converted and houses part of the collection of the State Museum in Saint Petersburg

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