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Top 5: the best museums in Malaga

Top 5: the best museums in Malaga

A guest blog by Hans from reischeck

Malaga is not just a city of sun, sea and beach . It is also the birthplace of Picasso and is incredibly rich in museums and culture. Known for its sun-drenched streets and vibrant culture, this Spanish coastal city is home to some of the most fascinating museums that you won't want to miss. And no, we're not just talking about dusty paintings and ancient artefacts – Málaga's museums are anything but boring!

From the iconic Picasso Museum, nestled in an enchanting 16th-century palace, to the glittering world of the Auto Museum, where fashion meets flashy cars, Málaga has something for everyone. In this blog we take you on a colorful journey through the 'Top 5: the best museums in Málaga'. A real must if you have a city trip planned soon and you are interested in art and culture! Tip: see also: City trip to Alicante: 7 things to do!

1. Picasso Museum Malaga

Fancy a cultural dive? The Picasso Museum in Málaga is your place! Housed in the 16th-century Palacio de Buenavista, this museum breathes history and art. Step into the heart of Málaga's historic center , near Picasso's birthplace, and discover a world where art and heritage come together. Opened in 2003, this museum pays tribute to Pablo Picasso, with a collection of around 200 of his works. From earlier sketches to later masterpieces, this museum offers a unique look at Picasso's artistic journey. Don't forget the changing exhibitions and the rich documentation center! It is the cultural hotspot of Málaga, perfect for a day of experiencing art.

2. Málaga Car Museum
Are you ready to take a unique ride through the history of cars and fashion? Housed in an old tobacco factory, Málaga's Car Museum is a hidden gem for car enthusiasts, fashion fans and families. Founded in 2010, this museum showcases the impressive private collection of a Portuguese collector, ranging from an elegant 19th-century carriage to shiny modern racing cars. In addition to the more than 90 cars, there is a fascinating fashion section, where you can admire fashion items from the 20th century, linked to the cars of that time. The museum, a mix of history, art and fashion, is located southwest of the center and is easily accessible by public transport. A must-see for anyone who wants something different than the standard museums! Are you going with kids? See also : child-friendly hotels in Marbella.

3. Carmen Thyssen Museum Málaga
The Carmen Thyssen Museum in Málaga is a pearl for lovers of Andalusian culture and art. Located in the heart of the city, this museum offers a fascinating collection of paintings that capture the essence of southern Spain. Expect a journey through time, from the 17th to the 20th century, with works that reflect the unique landscapes and vibrant scenes of Andalusia. The collection was curated by Baroness Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza, a former Miss Spain with a passion for art. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum regularly treats you to new exhibitions. Whether you are an art connoisseur or simply enjoy beautiful things, this museum is a must-visit for an authentic Andalusian experience.

4. Museo de Málaga
Step into the world of art and history at the Museo de Málaga , one of the city's showpieces. Housed in the beautifully renovated 18th-century Palacio de la Aduana, this museum brings together art and archeology under one roof. With a collection of thousands of pieces, it is a true treasure trove of cultural wealth.

The fine arts department, Museo de Bellas Artes, is home to approximately 2,000 works of art, including one of the largest collections of 19th-century Spanish painting. The sections range from historical works to loans from well-known museums and private collections.

The archaeological department, Museo Arquelogico Provincial, is even more impressive with a collection of 15,000 objects, 2,000 of which are on permanent display. These pieces tell the story of Málaga's rich past, with finds from the city and province.

Founded in 1973 from a merger of two existing museums, the Museo de Málaga offers a unique experience. With 18,000 square meters spread over eight rooms, the museum offers both archaeological finds and art treasures. Not only the collection, but also the former customs building itself is worth a visit.

5. Center of Contemporary Art (CAC Málaga)

The CAC Málaga, a center for modern art, is housed in a beautifully renovated market hall from 1939, a building with a rich history and cultural heritage. Located opposite the Corte Inglés department store, this dynamic museum is a melting pot of contemporary art and cultural innovation.

The CAC Málaga is not only an exhibition space for world-renowned artists, but also provides a platform for emerging regional talent. This philosophy creates a fascinating mix of styles and perspectives, ensuring that every visitor will find something unique to admire.

Its director, Fernando Francés, plays a key role in stimulating the local art scene, especially with the SOHO project. This initiative aims to turn the neighborhood into a thriving artists' enclave, inspired by similar neighborhoods in cities such as London.

The CAC Málaga is more than just a museum; it is a lively meeting place for art lovers, where the past and present come together seamlessly. With its ever-changing exhibitions and focus on both established names and new talent, the CAC Málaga is an essential destination for anyone wanting to experience Spain's contemporary art scene.

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